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Author: Qasim Rasheed (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: June 4, 2007 10:06 AM
Version: 1.1
Views: 60,745
Downloads: 1,410
Demo URL: http://www.qasimrasheed.com
License: Apache License, Version 2


Version 1.1 is released which include a bug fix where issue Ajax doesn't work in I.E. Thanks Greg for pointing this out.
I have recently uploaded a stable version 1.0 of CFDefect which includes the ability create multiple cfdefect application with one set of core (similar to a blog application). This will make it easier to translate this into Model-Glue or Mach-II (planned for later release)

I started this project after looking at Ray Camden's Lighthouse Pro which I use at my day job. This project is essentially a replica of all the features of Lighthouse with a different architecture. I wanted to experiment with various frameworks and provide CF community a sample application that can be useful for new comers and probably seasoned developers. The application uses a plethora of various frameworks, techniques and patterns which includes but not limited to Fusebox, ColdSpring, Reactor, AJAX, Aspect Oriented Programming, unobtrusive Javascript and various others.

Most importantly, I will like to thank Ray Camden for letting me use his application's DB schema and features.


* Easy and simple to use.
* Multiple project support.
* Security - control access to project and administrator by user/group.
* Assign bugs and track those througout the life cycle of an issue.
* Customizable to add severities, project loci, statuses etc.
* RSS feed for each project.
* Email notifications.
* Charts and reports in Excel + HTML format.

I will try my best to summarize various part of this slightly complex application.

* Fusebox was chosen as a Controller Framework, however application core is designed in such a manner that replacing Fusebox with Model-Glue or Mach-II will be quite trivial. Details on Fusebox can be found on its site which is listed under links.

* ColdSpring? is acting as the driving machinary for dependency injection and control all service components. Details about ColdSpring? can be find on its site which is listed under links.

* Reactor is the ORM framework that handles database transactions. Details on Reactor be foundd on its site which is listed under links.

* Aspected Oriented Programming (AOP). In order to send emails notification, the AOP feature from ColdSpring? is put into practice. An Around Advice is developed which acts around Issue Service.

* Unobtrusive Javascript using behaviour.

* Ajax using Javascript prototype library.


As the time permits and based on user feedback, I am planning on adding more features. Here is the first initial list

* PDF reports using Apache FOP.
* Translate application to Model-Glue/Mach-II/Flex.
* Auto save on description boxes.


* Fusebox 5.1
* ColdSpring - Version with <import> tag support.
* Reactor

Issue Tracker:

4 Administration spelled wrong Open 05/30/08 3:22 PM
3 UDF could not be found Open 05/26/07 5:46 PM
1 Fuji Nguyen Fixed 01/30/07 7:42 PM
2 Element INSTANCE.BEANFACTORY is undefined in VARIABLES. Open 01/29/07 10:39 AM

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